Program Sponsorship

Programming Sponsor

Trinity United First Methodist Church

We give our heartfelt thanks to Trinity United Methodist Church for their generous donation to the programming at the Russell Public Library!  Without sponsors such as Trinity we would not be able to do all that we do for the community.  Thank you Trinity United for partnering with us to provide programs for the children of Russell, Kansas!

Summer Library Program 2019 Sponsor

Russell County Area Community Foundation, Angie Muller

Through a grant from the Russell County Area Community Foundation, the 2019 summer library program, A Universe of Stories will be underway the summer of 2019!  Because of their support and the support of others, we will be able to provide 6 weeks of dynamic programs for area youth to participate in!  Kids of all ages will be learning all about space! Thank you Russell County Area Community Foundation for all the good you do, not only for us here at the library, but for the youth of Russell County!  Let Angie Muller, the RCACF Board of Directors and the following additional sponsors know how much you appreciate the work they do to support our community!

Central Kansas Library System

John Farmer

Heartland Building Center of Hays, Russell and Stockton

Martin Myers Foundation

McDonald's of Russell

Pizza Hut of Russell

Pohlman-Varner-Peeler Mortuary

Russell County Attorney Drug Fund

In Memory of Eileen Straub 

Brad Wagner of Edward Jones

Wilson State Bank

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